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Learn more about the team, mission, guiding values and offerings at EarthWell



EarthWell’s mission is to provide equitable access to personal and group retreat experiences that promote harmony with nature, self and others. In a culture of increasing busyness, EarthWell aspires to create a space for transformative solitude and sacred community. 

Guiding Values

  • Accessibility/Affordability

  • Living in harmony with nature

  • Building inclusive, whole-hearted community

  • Taking care of the present moment

EarthWell envisions a community built around the healing practices of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and nature connection. We aspire to welcome all people to experience retreats that deeply nourish the mind, body and soul.


EarthWell offers personal retreats which include simple, off-grid accommodations, daily mindfulness meditation and yoga classes, 140 acres of nature trails, rolling prairies, forest, creeks, ponds, and wetland, and farm-to-table meals available for delivery. 


EarthWell offers group retreats focused on mindfulness meditation, yoga and community-building. You can find our current schedule of group retreats here 

View all our buildings and gathering spaces by checking out the

Virtual Tour

Meet The Team

Emily Adama | Founder/Owner and Retreat Leader at EarthWell Retreat Center


Onsite Caretaker, Retreat Leader & Founder/Director

Emily has a background in social work, mental health, and mindfulness-based therapies, as well as a deep love for the natural world. 

Her sincere intention for EarthWell is to serve the community as a place of refuge, nature connection, and practice center for mindfulness, yoga, and other healing arts. She looks forward to leading drop-in meditation, organizing and guiding wellness retreats, and collaborating with other wellness practitioners on retreats. 

Emily has over ten years of experience as a mindfulness/meditation practitioner, and holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan in Interpersonal Practice and Mental Health (2015). Over the past 8 years, she has taught Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Intro to Meditation classes at settings including Dawn Farm Residential Addiction Treatment Center, Dawn Farm Spera Detox Center, the Ann Arbor YMCA, Great Oak Cohousing, and in private practice.

Emily loves spending time with her son, Therrien, and her husband, Terrence, just being together.

Miriam Dowd Eller | Hospitality Manager and Retreat Leader


Tech Support & Retreat Leader

Miriam has a background in the wellness industry as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher with a special interest in women’s health. Additionally, she has a dual background serving holistic small businesses as a Web Designer over the last decade.


You'll find her working behind the scenes in helping manage some of the tech-and-marketing side of EarthWell’s operations. You may also see her leading a retreat day-long for mommas, or private bodywork session during group retreats. 


It has been Miriam's dream to help build a nature-connected community, facilitate healing for women, mothers, and girls, and "chop wood and carry water" in service to a larger community vision. 


Extended Wellness Bio >

Ariana Wakeman | Onsite Caretaker and Yoga Instructor at EarthWell Retreat Center


Onsite Caretaker & Retreat Leader

Ariana has a passion for cultivating deep well-being through yoga, therapeutic interventions, and a strong connection to nature and community. She views wellness as a way of life, not an end goal, and thus seeks to balance “growth” with “mindfully being” in her own life and her work with others.


She received a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan (2015) in Community Organizing and Interpersonal Practice and has worked in a variety of integrative medical and community settings, including community mental health, a Federally Qualified Health Center, psychiatric hospital, and private practice. 


Ariana is also a certified 200-hour yoga instructor, with specializations in Yoga for 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) and perinatal yoga. She views the yogic traditions of embodiment and spiritual practices as a beautiful lens for healing oneself and the world.

Meet the Team

EarthWell’s History as a Retreat Center

The land here at EarthWell had been lovingly stewarded for years before us. Before this property was run as a retreat center by Grasslake Sanctuary (GLS) and as a private property owned by a couple named Clark and Avis Spike whom the Nature Sanctuary has been named after. 

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