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Available for personal retreat attendees (not currently open to the public)
  • Classes are currently available for personal retreat attendees.

  • All programming is optional, and you must pre-register.

  • Classes are held in the meeting room of the Common House during your stay.

  • Individual registration is required for every member of your party.

  • Classes are best suited to adults and children age 13 and up. (no age limit, just a suggestion). 

  • PRIVATE classes available as well

pre-register for class

with Miriam or Ari

SATURDAYS | 3-4PM (private classes available upon request)

This accessible class is tailored to the students in the room, and perfect for settling frazzled nerves and bodies. Gentle Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra includes stretching and joint range of motion exercises, deep relaxation techniques, and breathing practices to energize and calm the mind. Please bring a yoga mat if possible (some are available if needed). 


with Emily 

SATURDAYS | 7-8PM (private classes available upon request)


Begin your weekend with a gentle guided meditation adjusted to the experience level of the participants. Guidance is informed by Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques and draws from Emily's ten-plus years as a meditation practitioner and teacher. We will deepen into the present moment using the body, breath, and senses, and cultivate a deep acceptance of whatever arises in each moment.


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