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Stay tuned for meaningful ways to get involved in our larger mission and vision

Looking to donate to our scholarships fund for retreats?

Want to get involved in land stewardship?

Create an opportunity for the underprivilaged in our community to gain access to deeply restorative personal and group retreats today! Please put “Scholarship Fund” in the notes tab when checking out with PayPal. 

Gaining a sense of place
with Earthwell and SEND


First event: September 8-10th, 2023
Second event: October 20-22nd, 2023

Please join us on this beautiful land for a weekend where we will explore the unique natural features of Earthwell and of the surrounding Parkland.


SEND - Sustainable Energy Delivery is hosting this event in support of Earth Services farm cooperative. Our intention is to work with Earthwell to lease the available park acreage as a showroom for regenerative farming and forest stewardship.


These events will focus on gaining a sense of place with DONATION-BASED skill-building workshops on:

  • Soil sampling and assessment

  • Native species inventory

  • Exploring the pond aquatic environment

  • Best practices for invasive species management

  • Work party to remove Autumn Olive


We are offering lodging and meals for those who pre-register. There is rustic tent camping and some cabin space available on a first come first serve basis


Or just join us for activities during the day and evenings around the campfire near the pond.

Suggested donations for workshops, cabin lodging or camping and meals coming soon.

To pre-register please RSVP to

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