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Download a copy of important rental information included in this lease
Download a "Bed Guide" to help you organize your retreat


This is the person responsible for the communications about this lease and rental


Reservations require a signed contract and a deposit of 50% of the venue rental fee (not food or facilitation costs if hiring us for a custom retreat) to be applied to the rental fee to secure your date.The remaining balance is due 30-days prior to your rental date. If the balance is not paid, your event may be cancelled. Please read our Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy below. Checks are payable to Earthwell Retreat Center LLC. (Please mail checks to 516 Little Lake dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48103) (Or Paypal to


All day-time rentals of the Main House Conference room will have 30 minutes added to the beginning and end for set up and clean up. Please indicate this 30 minutes in the form below. 


All rental contracts are subject to approval and may not be changed unless agreed to in writing by both parties

All Events "by-the-hour" require 30-minutes added for setup and cleanup. ​

Please include your deposit when filling out this form. (Payment can be sent to via Paypal or mailed with a check. Lease not confirmed until deposit has been received

  • A full refund will be administered if the reservation is canceled or rescheduled 60 days or more before event.

  • The renter forfeits the initial deposit (50% of total venue rental fee) if the reservation is canceled or rescheduled 30-60 days before the event.

  • The renter forfeits the full amount (Venue Rental Fee) if the reservation is canceled or rescheduled 0-30 days before the event.



Top and bottom sheet, and towels are not automatically included in whole venue rentals. You can add top and bottom sheets and a towel for $10/per bed. (Note: not per cabin).

Select an option
Damage Responsibility Deposit (waived for single-day rentals)

We do not charge a damage deposit fee, however damages (roughly over $50) made by you, or your party, must be paid for in full within 21 days of your stay. We will let you know within one week if we find anything we'd like you to pay for. 


1. No physical damage to the cabins, tents, buildings, equipment, or property.

2. No excessive cleaning required as a result of event use.

3. Remove all decorations and personal property

Included in overnight rentals:
  • Sleeping accommodations:

    • May-Oct: 6 cabins, unlimited camping spots (or max 20 overnight guests)

    • Nov-April: 4 cabins or max 20 overnight guests

  • Common house conference room (621 sqft, or 12-14 Yoga Mats) 

  • One twin bed, and one futon in Common House (in semi-open space near bathrooms)

  • Outdoor small group meeting spaces by the Main House (porches, grassy areas around the building)

  • One ADA indoor bathroom & one shower

  • Small kitchen & serving areas for cooking and meal preparation.

  • Access to walking paths on our property and those connected to the Clark and Avis Spike Preserve 

  • 20 parking spaces next to the main house

NOT included in overnight rentals:
  • Use of golf carts or gaters (golf carts available for $25/per golf cart/per day for rental)

  • Firewood: however if you'd like to have a fire, check with us to see if we have wood for campfires before arriving. If we do, we'd be happy to share. Firewood for multi-day or large gatherings is NOT a part of whole venue rentals, but we can arrange a large drop off of seasoned logs for an additional cost (approx: $75-$200 depending on event size) from a local source.

  • Common house basement

  • Catering/food will be not be included in this contract. Any food service and all responsibility that goes with it will be the sole responsibility of renter.  

  • Access to staff buildings

  • Access to the historic barn or storage facilities

  • Use of washing machines 

Please note that there are two households (the families of Ari Wakeman and Emily Adama) that live permanently on the property. (one in the lower level of the common house, and one in a cabin 200 yards from the common house.) During your rental they will maintain quiet and privacy for your group, but will remain on the property for the duration of your stay and will be available should any issues arise. 

Day-time Common House Rentals (what's included/NOT Included)

Everything listed in the above mentioned lists EXCEPT:

  • No access to sleeping cabins, staff buildings, or private camping spots

  • We ask that meetings/classes held outside the common house remain within 500 ft of the house, so as to leave the rest of the property for renters in overnight personal retreats. If you or your party explore the hiking trails, please avoid peering into the windows of cabins! Someone may be staying there! 

Earthwell Retreat Center LLC reserves the right to decline patrons and to amend its policies and rates at any time. These policies became effective December 2023.

The following rules govern use of meeting space at Earthwell Retreat Center LLC. Renting individual or organizations agree to abide by these rules as a condition of use. Violations may result in revocation of rental privileges. 



We request that each renting organization designate one person to handle all communications and transactions. That designated person must be on-site throughout the rental period. 



All music must be turned off by 10:00pm. (No amplified music allowed outside). Acoustic music is allowed, while striving to maintain a reasonable sound level. 


Earthwell is located within a Washtenaw County Nature Preserve. The Preserve closes at sunset according to county ordinance. Residential properties and folks who are used to quiet rural living also surround Earthwell. Maintaining the respect for the neighborhood and preserve is paramount. Complete quite time in the Sanctuary starts at 10pm. 


In order to avoid mice and other creatures, we strongly request that absolutely no food be opened, consumed, or stored in the cabins.



Please use environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable sunscreen and bug spray.



Please observe our rules for no smoking, drinking or illegal drugs anywhere on the property. 




  • Thirty (30) minutes on either side of your day-use rental is dedicated to set-up and clean-up, and included in your rental rates.

  • If you are catering your affair, please follow proper clean up procedures.

  • Meeting facilities are equipped with tables and chairs that may be re-arranged provided the renting individual or organization returns the room to its original configuration. Renters are entirely responsible for their own set up; Earthwell staff are not available to assist with this function, unless set-up fees are agreed upon, paid for and booked in advance. 

  • The renting individual or organization is responsible for returning the room to the same condition it was in prior to the event. This includes returning tables and chairs to pre- event order and proper disposal of trash. 

  • Grounds should look the way they were when you arrived or better. Please have all trash picked up, and put in trash cans and bags provided to you before leaving.



Please ensure that your guests park along the LEFT HAND SIDE of the driveway, or down the road in the designed large greenspace lot. All damages to the landscaping will be charged back out of the deposit for parking in the lawn areas and along driveways.



Please be aware Earthwell is located adjacent to a residential neighborhood. Please obey the speed limit of 15 mph and be watchful for pedestrians.



All Swimming must be during daylight hours and with a buddy and at own risk.


DAMAGE TO EVENT TENTS AND EQUIPMENT (N/A for Main House Conference Room Rentals)


  • There will be NO COOKING, GRILLING, ETC. UNDER THE TENT due to smoke and fire damage possibility. No Tiki Torches or similar fire related devices. NO FIREWORKS OR SPARKLERS allowed at all. 

  • NO COLORED STREAMERS or TAPE on tent or side curtains. SIDE CURTAINS MUST BE KEPT DRY AND CLEAN (not thrown on the ground) unless in use. If used, they must be kept hanging on tent to dry, or folded and STORED DRY AND CLEAN.

  • Any and all lighting, cooking, and heating sources or decorations (e.g. colored paper streamers are not allowed) used in the vicinity of Earthwell Retreat Center’s tents, cabins or equipment must be approved by Earthwell Retreat Center in advance. CLIENT agrees to reimburse Earthwell Retreat Center for any and all costs or damages resulting from lighting, cooking, or heating equipment or decorations except as authorized above. In the event of serious damage Earthwell Retreat Center reserves the right to repair or replace the damaged item or items in its discretion, at CLIENT'S sole expense.



We are not responsible for damage or loss of any items left on the premises or in the parking lot prior to, during, or following your event. 


These terms and conditions are a binding legal contract. Please review them carefully. By signing this agreement, you agree that all of the foregoing terms and conditions will govern and apply to you and your function.


By signing below, I, the renter, acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms of this contract, the event rental policies as written, and the constraints of my chosen rental package, including all terms required therein and all charges incurred during the course of the rental. 


I agree to always respect and uphold the integrity of Earthwell Retreat Center LLC in all manners regarding my rental of the property. I understand that if I or anyone related to my event fails to meet the terms of this contract, including any and all rules or regulations set forth by these documents which pertain to my rental of the property, I personally or my organization will be financially responsible, up to and beyond the amount of my security deposit, for all charges incurred related to my event.

We look forward to helping you have a great rental experience, please let us know if there is any way we can be of help



Please sign below and mail or paypal your rental fees

Be sure to also download a copy of EarthWell's Rental Policies at the top of this page)

Thanks for submitting!

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