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What is a Nature Connection Practice?

Updated: Apr 17

A nature connection practice, could be called a Core Routine that is a part of your day. In Coyotes Guide, (geared towards children’s education), a few practices include Sit Spot [Sitting for 15 minutes or more in stillness and silence in the same place regularly (daily/weekly)], learning animal tracks, practices to help expand the senses, wandering, “Fox”-Walking, etc.

The key to a nature-connection practice is to use the parts of the brain we don’t normally use in daily life. Much like meditation or yoga helps us connect to our senses in a different way (paying attention to our breath or body sensations), Nature-Connection practices are particularly supportive to us as a humans in a sendentary, industrialized society. The key to an intentional PRACTICE is AWARENESS. I could easily walk through the woods without much awareness, just like you could do some yoga postures without noticing much about your breath or internal body sensations (aka running on “auto-pilot”).

Stay tuned to learn more about nature-connection practices in upcoming posts!

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