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Four criteria of a comfortable and cozy camping experience

Updated: Apr 17

1. DO Keep Dry & Warm:

Don’t forget rain gear if you’re going to be outside for any extended period of time (unless perhaps it doest get below 80 degrees where you are!). Wool stays warm even when wet, unlike cotton, so wear wool under your water repellant layers. Even a cheap poncho and rain boots will be helpful when dealing with wet weather (not during winter) at the very least in keeping you from spending lots of time managing wet clothes, and at worse, being dangerously cold and possibly compromising your health. Bring and wear layers to manage cold mornings and evenings, and possible hot day-time temps (here in Michigan!)

2. DO Stay Fed:

Sometimes we forget our hierarchy of needs, one of the primary ones being food. Don’t forget to pack read-made snacks for when your hikes take longer than you thought!

3. DO Make sure your bedding is something you can actually sleep on.

If you haven’t been camping in a while, you may have forgotten how your body needs to adjust to a thin backpacking camping mat and you may need to just your expectations to make sure you’re comfortablel When in doubt, invest in a better - more comfortable camping mat. OR upgrade your accommodations to a Glamping site that includes an actual mattress. (We have 5 different cabins/beds to choose from!)

4. DON’T leave out creature comforts:

That might mean different things to different people. One person might find great comfort in having a few folding chairs that fit just right, an extra sun-tent with a rug, or deluxe camping stove. (I’ve even bought a folding rocking chair for my kiddo for naps/bedtime when we travel!) For someone else, just bringing a few cookies, and some hot chocolate mix sends a message to their nervous systems that this retreat camping/glamping experience is NOT survival of the fittest, and they can more deeply relax.

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