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The Benefits of Camping or Glamping during personal or group retreats

Updated: Apr 17

Getting away for the weekend (or two weeks!) for a “spiritual” or restorative trip or retreat can bring about such wonderfully healing results for our nervous systems and lighten our spirits.

Some forward-thinking companies actually provide paid time-off for their employees to take these mental-health retreats away from the city, and their daily work because they know it improves the longevity and productivity of their workforce in the long-run.

But what is the difference between going to a retreat or mindful vacation in a hotel or urban retreat setting and a camping or “glamping” retreat experience?

Camping is just for the “outdoorsy” types, isn’t it?

Would I actually be comfortable enough to relax out there?

Some of the benefits of camping/glamping during your spiritual retreat or mindful vacation include:

1. Better air-quality (better respiratory health)

2. More opportunities to walk (all the benefits of forest-bathing)

3. Less Light Pollution (better melatonin production for more restorative sleep)

4. Opportunities for consciously connecting to nature

5. Reduced screen time/advertising pollution

6. Less time in a car when all/most your destination is right where you are

7. Opportunities for mindful animal connection/nature observation

Have you “Glamped” before? Have you camped during a personal or group retreat? What has been your favorite retreat locations and why?

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